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We are hiring!!!

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We are hiring!!!

Post by Jay on Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:56 pm

Hello, we are look for 2-4 members to join our staff team. We have spots open for moderator, review team, and Junior Mod.

Requirements to be a staff

- Must have at least 3 topics

- Can't have no bans

- Must be active unless you let us know something

How to join the staff team?

We are looking a every member on jaygaming. To increase your chances of being a staff you need to help other members, write good reviews on games, have a good number of topics, and be active. We will be hiring up to 2-4 members this and next week. We will send you a message if we think you are good enough to be a staff.


Review Team- The review team are people that are experts at doing game reviews. They write up to 7-10 reviews in a week, they also help us in writing newsletters.

Junior Mods- Junior Mods are almost full moderators. They help in the support forum, they can view reported posts, and they can give members warnings.

Moderators- Moderators are the highest rank staff team behind admin. They can do everything the junior mods can do. Moderators can ban members for breaking rules, and they can make announcements to the forum.

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Re: We are hiring!!!

Post by DerpyFinn1 on Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:13 pm

I'm in for hire I will take the job, if anyone are too mean or are a threat i will kick them if the are banned my mod abuse I will unban please give me this job Smile

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